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GPT has developed the CIPHER System to over-come many of the barriers associated with obtaining energy data.

CIPHER provides an un-precedented capability for managing "physical" energy usage and energy price data.

GPT provides ease of access to key data and reports through Android applications and advanced Web portals utilizing current mobile technology.

Gas & Power Technologies, Inc. (GPT) provides industry-leading data services for  wholesale suppliers, marketers, generators, municipal utilities, and commercial clients.

Historically, obtaining energy data has been tedious and difficult.  GPT provides an online solution that enables convenient access to data.  GPT staff understands the details associated with energy rate structures. We utilize our expertise to assist in deciphering the data associated with energy consumption and cost.

We are proud to provide our customers with greater flexibility in managing their energy data, and delivering value added services. We do this by utilizing advanced information technology services to automate the collection of data from various standard and non standard utility formats.

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GPT provides data in a timely fashion and applies analytics to make the data useful. Business rules are applied to calculate and quantify certain key cost or emission measures.

GPT enables users to access information, processes across functional boundaries, and to utilize the data in a number of convenient ways.

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